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Villa party experiences

Villa party experiences

If you came to Ibiza this summer, you will know villa parties were a big hit for the crowd. It was the new way of partying!

With no clubs open during the 2021 summer, a villa was the place to be! The gang and you hear the possibility of a villa motive. Patiently waiting for the location pin to be dropped last minute and we mean last minute. The rush around, finding some form of transport… could of been a push bike for all we cared. Then the secrecy made it exciting and you never knew where your night would end up. They are the best kind of nights, right?!

Getting dropped half a mile from the villa in the middle of no where so that you weren’t giving away the address. Trekking for what seemed like hours, hiding in the nearest bush when any car went past. (Policía and all that). Then finally arriving where you could hear the music blaring. It was all fun and games, seeing all your mates on arrival!

To ensure the night was kept best secret, no recording was allowed in the majority of villas. Either handing your phone in or a sticker placed over it as you walked through the door. Whilst this may of seemed sketchy to most, for the sake of an amazing night. It was so worth it! Meaning no one could give the location to any random trying their luck or for the chance of it being discovered and shut down. Then if it did, you were the first to leg it out the door into the country roads. Trying to find your way back at god knows what time in the morning and bypassing the beach on route home to watch the sunrise. Half cut on the beach and you still hadn’t been to sleep.

You just don’t get these type of nights back in the U.K though?! The buzz of it being a recurrence the following night. All coming together as one and going on a mission.

Did you attend any villa parties this summer? I’m sure they’ll be making a come back for summer 2022 and you can keep up with the latest on our Instagram.

Shanice Baker on 24th November 2021

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