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Save Hundreds Of Pounds In Exchange Rates this summer

Save Hundreds Of Pounds In Exchange Rates this summer

Use this tip to save on travel money shops exchange rates

The countdown is on; you have booked your holiday, you’re joining us in Ibiza, outfits planned, club tickets booked and you’re keeping an eye on those exchange rates to get the most euros for your hard-earned pounds.

But you don’t need to, we’ve found a game-changer for managing your money abroad; Revolut (Download app here)

Revolut is a free, digital alternative banking service. A pre-paid card app that allows you to have a physical card as well as digital. This means you don’t have to worry about taking a bank card out with you to a packed Amnesia.

When you top up the account from your bank, you can choose multiple currencies and complete the exchange at the time of depositing. Alternatively, you can leave your money in there as a cash balance in pound sterling. This means when you are out in Ibiza, ordering food, for example, you will get the live exchange rate when completing the transaction. As a bonus, the transaction is free of charges.

Better still, with activity notifications, you can keep track easily. This means no problem sticking to your holiday budget, and, even better, no growing collection of euro change that you never use.
If you still want to use cash though, you can use your physical card to easily draw money out at an ATM.

No more awkward pooling of the money for Ocean Beach tables either. Get your friends in on the action and you can split the bills easily amongst your friends via the app.

The benefits of this not being a high street bank means you can set it up within minutes, virtually, and without any paperwork.

How to get started:
1) Download the app 

2) Deposit money from your bank account

3) Verify your ID with a passport or driving license. This is done virtually and within minutes.

4) Order your physical card

5) Add the virtual card to your Apple or Android wallet.

So, you are all set up, but Ibiza is still a couple of months away, how about using Revolut’s savings pot feature to start saving your spending money now. Setting this up will mean you earn interest on your savings too. This is made even easier by linking all your accounts, using Open Banking to manage your complete finances.

If you did transfer your money into euros when depositing and still have money left at the end of your trip, you can easily exchange it back to pound sterling free of charge.

For travelers and holiday goers alike, Revolut has taken away the stress of losing your cash or your bank card. The sort of drama that can ruin a holiday. It is so convenient, we can’t believe we haven’t tried is sooner.

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