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Experience Ibiza’s world-famous nightlife on a whole new level by booking your Ibiza VIP table with Ibiza Bible. 

Browse top superclubs and stylish beach clubs to find your perfect party. Then the Ibiza Bible team will use our established connections with your favourite venues to hook you up to VIP style.

Our experienced team will take the hassle out of booking your Ibiza VIP table. Ensuring you get premium located tables and packages for the best possible price. As well as being on hand to answer any questions regarding your upcoming booking. We’re always happy to share our insider island advice on making the most of your clubbing experience

Why Book your Ibiza vip table with us?


Dedicated bookings manager is accessible around the clock for a hassle-free booking process. Your very own ‘Ibiza Fixer’.


Access to premium table locations in Ibizas largest and most popular super clubs. It’s all about location, location, location.


A selection of premium drinks served to your table on arrival. Redeem the cost of your VIP table in premium bottles.


No waiting in long queues to get into the club. You will have your own dedicated VIP entry linking you to your table.

 Eliminate waiting in busy queues and losing your friends on the dance floor with your own dedicated table server.
Exclusive access to VIP areas of the club. This is where you will meet the rich and famous!



Complete Your VIP Experience

Book Your VIP Tables

Book Your VIP Tables

Frequently asked questions

We have put together some FAQs around Ibiza VIP tables. If you have a question and can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch

VIP tables in Ibiza

If you want to do Ibiza right, then a VIP table at one of the island’s super clubs is the way to go. Each club has a different set up for VIP, with some tables high above the dancefloor looking down at the crowd, or others situated right behind the DJ booth for example, but in every club, you can expect an incredible level of service and the night of your life partying away to world-famous artists, DJ’s and performers. 

Ibiza VIP isn’t just limited to night time clubs either, as all around the island there are beach clubs and day clubs perfectly suited for the VIP crowd, where you can spend your day basking in the Balearic sunshine, dancing away to world-renowned DJ’s and enjoying everything that Ibiza has to offer from the comfort of your VIP bed or cabana.

What’s the booking process for VIP tables in Ibiza?

When you’ve chosen the Ibiza club that you want to experience VIP in, all you need to do is send an inquiry through our booking form and one of our team will contact you. We’ll walk you through the booking process, making sure that you get to book a VIP table in the location that you want within the club. We simply then secure the payment and you’re good to go. All you have to do now is figure out what to wear!

Why should I book a VIP table in Ibiza?

There are a whole host of advantages to booking an Ibiza VIP table. First of all is comfort. This is one of the most logical reasons to pay for a VIP club table.

If you book a VIP table at any day or night club in Ibiza, you will queue separately to those just going in with general admission. On some of the busier nights, this queue is drastically shorter (or non existent) meaning you can get into the club and start enjoying your night quickly.

You will obviously have your own table between you and your friends. This means that you can explore the club as much as you like, going down to the main dance floor or to other rooms to enjoy the party, and always having a base to come back to, to meet your friends at and to have a sit down if you need to.

Having an Ibiza VIP table in a super club is a god-send if it’s one of the more popular on the island. Ibiza clubs can get very busy, and so having your own space to dance, drink or chill is the perfect way to enjoy a night out.

If the dance floor is full, you can bet the bar is going to be packed! Having an Ibiza VIP table takes out the need to queue at a bar and try to get the bar-person’s attention to get served. Just wave over your hostess, order your drinks and get back to the dancing. Service is personalised in Ibiza VIP, so if there is anything that you need, your hostess will generally be able to get it for you.

In all of the nightclubs on Ibiza, VIP tables have separate VIP bathrooms to use during the night. They think of everything to make an Ibiza VIP table booking worthwhile, and often have VIP chill out areas as well, for those much needed breaks.


The type of drinks  served in VIP areas and at VIP tables in Ibiza are different to those served at the standard bars.

You’ll be served premium drinks in the VIP areas of Ibiza clubs. When you book a table, the balance is generally 100% put towards the spend on the table, so ordering spirits by the bottle is generally the way to go.

If you’re likely to consume more than 4-5 drinks whilst you’re partying, having a VIP table is worth thinking about, as you’ll likely spend the same amount of money but with the added extras of improved service, a space to dance and an area to chill if needs-be.

The crowd in VIP is generally a little different than those in general admission. Though you may want to spend some time getting sweaty down on the main dance floor, it’s always nice to hang out with like-minded people, especially if you’re taking some time to chill out and have a drink at the comfort of a table. Though VIP in Ibiza isn’t always packed with celebrities, there is a higher chance that you might spot someone during the night.

How much is an Ibiza VIP table?

Ibiza VIP tables differ in price depending on the club that you choose, the number of people and the event that you want to go do. In general, you should look at spending around €150 per person for a VIP table at a decent night in an Ibiza superclub.

What will the dress code be at my VIP table?

The dress code for VIP tables in Ibiza super clubs is a little smarter than that of the main club dancefloor. Though heels for ladies aren’t compulsory, they won’t be seen as out of place around the VIP areas of the island. Smart casual shirts and trousers for the gentlemen are encouraged, and guests are asked to refrain from wearing sportswear, sleeveless shirts, workout trainers and caps. Swimwear is not permitted at the nightclub venues (though of course this is encouraged at places such as Ibiza Rocks Hotel or OBeach Ibiza).

Ibiza VIP is something that everyone should experience during their trip to the White Isle. It’s perfect for special occasions, birthdays and hen & stag parties – but is also ideal for those who simply want to experience an Ibiza club in the best way possible.

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