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No mobile phone rule.. are you on board?

No mobile phone rule.. are you on board?

If you’ve visited Ibiza this summer, you’ll know that there has been a no mobile phone rule at the majority of events.

kills the atmosphere” is a phrase we hear a lot.

This summer, the following events have taken part in no recording rule: Secret Sessions, Cova Santa, Ushuaia and more.

With all the mixed reviews when it comes to recording footage of you dancing the night away, seeing your favourite DJ. We are curious as to what everyone thinks about the no phone rule potentially being ongoing?

Rewind back to when phones weren’t a thing and you would just enjoy the moment. No recording, just feeling the music. In comparison to this generation, phones are left, right and centre. The no phone rule, has kept the events of this summer private and builds that excitement prior to attending any event. The pre build up to walking in and not knowing what to expect!

We are positive this rule is here to stay for the ongoing summers.

Are you for or against this rule to be put in place?

Shanice Baker on 15 Oct, 2021

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