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Rumours for Ibiza in 2022!

Rumours for Ibiza in 2022!

I’m sure you have all heard through the grape vine the rumours floating around on what’s to come for the summer of Ibiza 2022 and here’s a breakdown of what we have heard:

  • Space – is making a comeback – which we can confirm is very true and is rumoured to be going in Savannah’s on the sunset strip.
  • Secret Sessions – Secret Sessions is rumoured to be planning the biggest parties they have ever hosted. With an immense line up planned with the biggest minimal artists in the world rumoured to be playing. With a 13 week party schedule to look forward to.
  • Solid Grooves – are meant to move to a new venue from its known previous venue at Privilege – watch this space!
  • A new Chinese – is set to open and take over the old Indian, located on the corner by the petrol station as you go into San An! You cannot beat a Chinese and we can just tell it will be a big hit to fix any hangover!
  • Paradise – Paradise is still to have its debut in Amnesia. Rumours have it, DC10 want to find a replacement for Paradise.
  • All clubs – are supposedly going to be sold on the clubs own websites. Could this be the end of the ticket stand era? Let us know if you’d prefer to purchase from a stand as usual or do it in one click online? It could save you time and effort, but it will also potentially be putting summer workers out of jobs! Write your thoughts in the comments.
  • Ushuaia – Rumours have it that they could be opening from as early as April.
  • Es Paradis – is rumoured to be getting the roof removed from the building!
  • Skinny Kitchen – Located by the port, is apparently extending into the building next to it and creating a larger restaurant.

What rumour are you most excited about? Let us know!

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