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What Not to Do in Ibiza

What Not to Do in Ibiza

From Ibiza Rocks parties to parasailing and soaking up the sun on the beach, there’s plenty you should be doing in Ibiza – but what about the things you shouldn’t? Here are our 7 cardinal rules on what NOT to do on Europe’s party island.

1. Don’t spend all your money on the first night

All too often enthusiastic party-goers get swept up in the atmosphere of Ibiza on their first night and wake up in the morning with a spectacular headache and an empty wallet. It’s really easy to blow cash in Ibiza, whether it’s on tickets, club entries, or drinks, but try to be smart with your cash so you don’t spend the rest of your trip stuck in your hotel room.

Before you arrive in Ibiza plan a rough budget for each day and night based on the things you want to do. When heading out each night only take as much cash as you have budgeted for; any extra and you could be tempted to spend it. It’s also a wise move to leave your bank card safely in your hotel too so that you avoid withdrawing Euros you can’t afford!

2. Don’t spend all day sleeping

If you want to make the most of your Ibiza trip, you need to be prepared for lack of sleep and avoid the urge to snooze all day long. If you sleep through the day, you’ll miss out on all that glorious Spanish sun as well ticket touts selling cheap entry to clubs for your next night out. Plus, your sleeping pattern will be completely destroyed and you’ll end up feeling lousy after a few days.

Ibiza has plenty to offer aside from its nightlife and you’d be crazy not to make the most of it for the sake of a couple of hangovers! Plus, if we’re being completely honest, we’d have to say that getting up, showered and out into the fresh air always does wonders for our heads after a heavy night. If getting up to go sightseeing seems particularly hard, force yourself to at least head down to the pool or beach. Lazing in the sun will help you feel better in no time, and your body will thank you for some Vitamin D!

3. Don’t stay in the hotel all-day

Even the swankiest of hotels can become a little dull if you spend all your time there; you have to get out, explore, and make the most of the beautiful Ibiza island. Hiring quad bikes isn’t too expensive and is a great way to get out and see plenty of countrysides and fabulous scenery. You could also give parasailing or cliff jumping a try if you’re feeling particularly adventurous! We admit that a bit of lazing by the pool is a must when you’re on holiday, but be sure to balance it with some fun outside the hotel walls to make the most of your trip.

4. Don’t get in illegal taxis

When the lights turn on in the club and it’s kicking out time, the streets of Ibiza are filled with tired party-goers fighting for taxis to get them safely back to their hotel. That unlicensed cab – with no queue at all – looks so appealing, right? Wrong! No matter how long you have to wait in a queue, don’t be tempted to jump in the back of an illegal taxi.
Illegal taxis are a big problem in Ibiza. Those who drive them are not licensed, not insured, and often more expensive than normal taxis. Not only could you be putting yourself in an incredibly dangerous situation, but you could even be fined for using one if the police catch you.

5. Don’t forget to take pictures

We know you probably want to make the most of every single moment in Ibiza, but don’t forget to document it too! Not only do you want to make friends and family jealous when you show them your holiday snaps back home, but years from now you’ll want to look back on photos and remember all those little details about your trip that you would otherwise have forgotten.

6. Don’t forget to eat and drink water!

It’s so easy to forget to stay nourished and hydrated when partying in Ibiza, but if you fail to do so you could become very ill very quickly. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times during the day when under the hot sun and if you’re drinking on a night try to intersperse glasses of water between each alcoholic drink. Be sure to eat three square meals each day to keep energy levels up; if you struggle with the thought of large meals because of the hot weather then eat little and often instead.

7. Don’t pay on the door to get into clubs

It’s up to 50% cheaper to buy tickets for clubs in advance rather than paying the entry fee on the door. Over a week or two of Ibiza parties, those savings quickly add up. You’d be crazy to pay full price when there are ticket sellers everywhere trying to flog you a bargain!