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One of the island’s oldest clubbing institutions

The legend of Pacha outlives the majority of us, first opening its doors in the Summer of 1973. This once traditional finca in Ibiza Town is one of the island’s oldest clubbing institutions and has an incredible reputation for adding VIP flair to the Ibiza clubbing scene. With its whitewashed walls and open main dancing area, Pacha Ibiza has always been seen as a sexy message of love to the island.

2018 saw a massive upgrade of the club and after entering through the dedicated entrance, VIPs have the choice of multiple areas to dance and chill including the Main Room, Funky Room, Roof Terrace, Garden and Restaurant (which is conveniently right next door).

A nighttime playground for the rich and famous.

The oldest club night in Ibiza, Flower Power, still holds a residency at Pacha Ibiza, and the iconic cherries will always be the recognisable symbol for this nighttime playground for the rich and famous.

VIP at Pacha Ibiza started the trend many years ago, and soon after, many of the other clubs across the island started to adopt the idea of having VIP areas in their establishments. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find an Ibiza club without VIP tables and bottle service, but Pacha will always be the first.

The largest VIP area on the island

There’s an incredible amount of VIP tables in Pacha, the largest VIP areas on the island, but that simply means that there’s a table perfect for any group size and budget. Those directly behind the DJ booth are most expensive but offer the most incredible views across the dancefloor, or you could choose those further up the stairs to the Funky Room or on the balcony above for a full club view and unforgettable Pacha Ibiza experience.

The comparison between the 3000 person capacity of Pacha and the amount of VIP tables within the islands first superclub is simply a sign of the exclusivity of the venue. Celebrities are often spotted in the VIP areas of Pacha Ibiza, and the team within the club are some of the best in the world – delivering only the highest quality of service, allowing you and your guests to have the time of your lives with no worries in the world. 

Dress code
The Pacha Ibiza table dress code is ‘casual elegance’. Sometimes it depends on what party is on that night, and the DJ playing, but we highly recommend avoiding sporty outfits, beachwear and flip flops in VIP at all times. In VIP, gents are expected to wear trousers and shoes, with no vests permitted. Caps and tracksuits are prohibited, and large bags / rucksacks will not be allowed into the club. We fully encourage dressing up as hippies for Flower Power though!


Av. 8 d'Agost, 07800 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain