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Officially the largest nightclub in the world with a 10,000-person capacity

Officially the largest nightclub in the world with a 10,000-person capacity, Privilege’s beginnings as restaurant Ku saw an open-air venue with a swimming pool, multiple stages and possibly the most famous party ever to grace the earth – Manumission. A true magnet for the rich and famous coming to Ibiza, with a full history or debauchery and lavish parties – Privilege Ibiza should be at the top of your Ibiza to-do list.

The vista room in Privilege is a sight to behold, especially at sunrise when the warm sunbeams through the floor to ceiling glass walls onto the masses of dancing bodies, and the various chill-out rooms and gardens around the venue are perfect for pacing yourself through a long night of stomping feet and thumping beats.

The action is fully focused on the gigantic main room

There’s plenty of different areas of this record-breaking Ibiza club to explore and get lost in, but the action is fully focused on the gigantic main room, with its 25m hangar-like ceiling and historical residencies such as Tiesto, Resistance and Supermartxe bringing the crowds through its doors. Privilege definitely likes to put on a show, and VIP is something that it does best, both in the main room and Vista Club.

VIP tables in the Main Room are divided into 7 areas, meaning that there is truly a club table for every group size and budget. Offering the perfect vantage point of whichever awe-inspiring show is happening that night, guests can choose to be seated directly facing the DJ, or to the side overlooking one of the greatest dance floors in the world.

Glass pyramid-like structure

In Vista Club – the glass pyramid-like structure located to the side of Privilege’s Main Room – you’ll find 3 areas of VIP, located directly behind the DJ booth. If you’re looking for a more intimate VIP experience, we’d definitely suggest choosing a club table in this part of the venue.

Privilege’s team of professionals is simply born to attend to the needs and requirements of their VIP guests. A truly first-class experience, with dedicated VIP parking, queue jumping, personalized attention and superb bottle service throughout the night, you won’t have a worry in the world.

Dress code
Privilege screams ‘dress to impress’, especially if you are in Vista club, where your club table will be right behind the DJ booth. Expect all eyes on you when you’re partying away with your guests as the sun rises above Dalt Villa behind you. In the main room, VIP guests will feel like they are part of the incredible show, so ensure proper attire for the evening, avoiding sportswear, flip flops, caps, sleeveless shirts or jerseys.
What time to arrive?
Depending on the party, Privilege can open anywhere between 10pm-midnight, so make sure to check with us for your VIP table booking. The doors are open until 6 in the morning, so we recommend arriving before 2am to claim your VIP table reservation and join the party.


Urbanización San Rafael, s/n, 07816 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain