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Learn to mix cocktails like a professional in a fun and social environment around our one of a kind masterclass table.  Everyone will make their own cocktails under the direction of a cocktail “master” before drinking them and comparing their efforts with the other guests.  

Expect competitions, prizes and lots of laughs. 

The classes on offer are:

The Classic Masterclass

Pick three of your favorite cocktails, learn the history of each drink, make them then drink them and compare your new skills to your mates.

The Martini Masterclass

There are over 60 different cocktails which are “martinis”.  What makes a martini a martini?  We will tell you and teach you how to make a variety of them.

Tequila vs Mezcal Masterclass

All tequila is mezcal but not all mezcal is tequila.  This class is as much about learning about both spirits as much as how to make cocktails. Learn to make three cocktails using both spirits…one for the enthusiasts.

Prices from 60€ per person, minimum of 6 people.